🇪🇸 Learn Basic Spanish Words for Sports and Fashion

🇪🇸 Learn Basic Spanish Words for Sports and Fashion

🎳⛷ Unlock the Style and Spirit of Spanish with Leisure and Shopping Terms 🛍️👗

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Ready to talk about your hobbies, sports, and shopping experiences in Spanish? Our latest lesson is perfect for beginners who want to immerse themselves in everyday conversations about leisure activities, sports, and fashion. Let's discover how this vocabulary can spice up your Spanish chats!

📘 Topics Covered

  • Sports and Fitness: Discuss your favorite sports like "the football" (el fútbol), "the basketball" (el baloncesto), or "the tennis" (el tenis). Talk about "the gym" (el gimnasio) routines or your latest "the swimming" (la natación) session. Cheer for "the athlete" (el atleta) or discuss "the competition" (la competición).

  • 🛍️ Shopping and Fashion: Navigate through the world of "the shopping" (las compras) and "the fashion" (la moda). Chat about "the dress" (el vestido) you just bought or "the jeans" (los vaqueros) you want. Explore "the market" (el mercado) for "the jewellery" (las joyas) or discuss the latest "the sale" (la venta).

  • 🎳 Leisure and Hobbies: Share your hobbies, whether it’s "the painting" (la pintura), "the dancing" (el baile), or "the fishing" (la pesca). Talk about your "the holiday" (las vacaciones) plans or your weekend "the camping" (la acampada) adventure.

🌟 A Fun-Filled Spanish Adventure

Learning these words is like opening a door to exciting new experiences. Whether you're shopping in a bustling Spanish market, discussing the latest sports event, or sharing your hobbies, these words will make your conversations lively and engaging.

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This lesson has 4 parts in all, and you'll find the first part right here.

Vocabulary list

Here you may find words for the first part of the lesson.

English word & example sentenceSpanish word & example sentence
action – The action was exciting to watch.la acción – La acción fue emocionante de ver.
active – He leads an active lifestyle by exercising every day.activo – Lleva un estilo de vida activo haciendo ejercicio todos los días.
activity – Outdoor activities are good for your health.la actividad – Las actividades al aire libre son buenas para la salud.
advantage – His height gave him an advantage in basketball.la ventaja – Su altura le dio una ventaja en el baloncesto.
adventure – They went on an adventure to explore the jungle.la aventura – Se fueron de aventura a explorar la selva.
athlete – He is an excellent athlete.el atleta – Es un atleta excelente.
attractive – The new dress looks very attractive on her.atractivo – El nuevo vestido se ve muy atractivo en ella.
bag – She put the groceries in a paper bag.la bolsa – Puso los comestibles en una bolsa de papel.
ball – They played with a beach ball.la pelota – Jugaron con una pelota de playa.
baseball – I used to play baseball in high school.el béisbol – Solía jugar béisbol en la escuela secundaria.
basketball – Basketball is a very popular sport in the US.el baloncesto – El baloncesto es un deporte muy popular en los Estados Unidos.
belt – She wore a black belt with her dress.el cinturón – Llevaba un cinturón negro con su vestido.
best – She is the best chef in the city.mejor – Ella es la mejor chef de la ciudad.
bill – I need to pay the bill at the restaurant.la factura – Necesito pagar la factura en el restaurante.
boot – He was wearing a pair of boots.la bota – Llevaba un par de botas.
boring – The lecture was boring.aburrido – La conferencia fue aburrida.
borrow – I had to borrow some money from my friend.pedir prestado – Tuve que pedirle dinero prestado a mi amigo.
brush – I used a brush to clean the dirt off of my shoes.el cepillo – Usé un cepillo para limpiar la suciedad de mis zapatos.
button – The button on my jacket fell off.el botón – Se me ha caído el botón de la chaqueta.
buy – I'm going to buy a new car next week.comprar – Voy a comprar un coche nuevo la próxima semana.
camp – We set up our tent at the camp.el campamento – Montamos nuestra tienda en el campamento.
camping – Camping is a popular summer activity for many families.la acampada – La acampada es una actividad popular en verano para muchas familias.
card – I sent a birthday card to my best friend.la tarjeta – Envié una tarjeta de cumpleaños a mi mejor amigo.
cash – I need to withdraw some cash from the bank.el efectivo – Necesito retirar algo de efectivo del banco.
catch – She managed to catch the ball before it hit the ground.atrapar – Ella logró atrapar la pelota antes de que tocara el suelo.
check – Can you check the spelling of that word for me?verificar – ¿Puedes verificar la ortografía de esa palabra por mí?
climbing – I went climbing with my friends last weekend.la escalada – Fui a hacer escalada con mis amigos el fin de semana pasado.
clothing – She always wears stylish clothing and looks very fashionable.la ropa – Siempre lleva ropa elegante y está muy a la moda.
coach – The basketball coach taught his team new strategies.el entrenador – El entrenador de baloncesto enseñó a su equipo nuevas estrategias.
collar – He always wears a collar with his suits.el cuello – Siempre lleva un cuello con sus trajes.
collect – She collects stamps from all over the world.coleccionar – Colecciona estampillas de todo el mundo.
compete – They compete in a race.competir – Compiten en una carrera.
competition – She won first place in the dance competition.la competición – Ganó el primer premio en la competición de baile.
create – She had a great talent for creating beautiful paintings.crear – Tenía un gran talento para crear hermosas pinturas.
creative – The artist's work is very creative and unique.creativo – El trabajo del artista es muy creativo y único.
credit – He bought it on credit.el crédito – Lo compró a crédito.
dance – The couple danced to their favorite song.bailar – La pareja bailó con su canción favorita.
dancer – The dancer performed a beautiful routine.el bailarín – El bailarín realizó una rutina hermosa.
dancing – She loved to go dancing with her friends on weekends.el baile – Le encantaba ir a baile con sus amigas los fines de semana.
diary – She wrote her thoughts and experiences in her diary.el diario – Escribió sus pensamientos y experiencias en su diario.

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