🇪🇸 Business Spanish for Busy Individuals: 
Key Financial and Career Terms

🇪🇸 Business Spanish for Busy Individuals: Key Financial and Career Terms

Climb the Career Ladder with Spanish: Vocabulary for your work 💼📈💰


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Embarking on a journey in the world of work, business, and money is a path to success that many aspire to. Whether you're an entrepreneur, a seasoned professional, or simply looking to improve your business vocabulary in Spanish, this lesson is your gateway to achieving your goals.

🏢 The World of Work

  • Career Choices: Explore various career options, from "the doctor" (el médico) to "the engineer" (el ingeniero).

  • Job Responsibilities: Understand the roles and responsibilities of different professions.

  • Interview Skills: Learn how to handle "the interview" (la entrevista) with confidence.

💼 Business Essentials

  • Business Terms: Discover key business words like "the business" (el negocio) and "the organization" (la organización).

  • Management: Explore the art of "manage" (gestionar) and "lead" (conducir) in the business world.

  • Entrepreneurship: If you dream of becoming an "entrepreneur" (el empresario), this lesson is a great starting point.

💰 Money Matters

  • Earning and Spending: Discuss "the salary" (el salario) and "the pay" (el sueldo) with ease.

  • Financial Success: Learn about "rich" (rico) and "successful" (exitoso) individuals in the world of finance.

  • Investment: Explore "the bank" (el banco) and "the dollar" (el dólar) as you delve into financial opportunities.


This lesson consists of 2 parts in total. Here you are provided with a short sample.

Vocabulary list

Here's a list of essential words for discussing work, business, and money:

English word & example sentenceSpanish word & example sentence
success – My hard work led to success.el éxito – Mi duro trabajo me llevó al éxito.
successful – The event was very successful.exitoso – El evento fue muy exitoso.
target – Our target for the month is to increase sales by 10%.el objetivo – Nuestro objetivo para este mes es aumentar las ventas un 10%.
task – My task for today is to clean the house.la tarea – Mi tarea de hoy es limpiar la casa.
waiter – The waiter brought us the menu.el camarero – El camarero nos ha traído el menú.
work – I have a lot of work to do today.el trabajo – Hoy tengo mucho trabajo.
worker – The factory employs over a thousand workers.el trabajador – La fábrica emplea a más de mil trabajadores.
working – The working conditions in the factory are good.de trabajo – Las condiciones de trabajo en la fábrica son buenas.